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M & S Medical Transportation Inc. is a service-oriented company which caters to people in need of reliable transportation services.

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M & S Medical Transportation

Fast, Friendly, Secure - Insurance Accepted

M & S Medical Transportation Inc. is a non-emergency medical transportation provider. We are committed to providing service to our customers, specializing in wheelchair and ambulatory transportation.

Located in Fulshear, TX, we service Houston, Fulshear, Katy, Brookshire, Richmond, Rosenberg, Missouri City, Wharton, El Campo, Simonton, Columbus, Orchard, & Wallis, Bellville, East Bernard , Eagle Lake. As well as throughout Austin, Colorado, Fort Bend, Harris, Matagorda, Walker and Wharton Counties. We provide professional door-to-door transportation services to the elderly and the disabled. Assisting clients from time of pick-up to drop-off to make sure that they get there safely and in plenty of time.

Our services are used by private citizens, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, nursing homes, group homes, personal care and assisted living facilities.

Families of the elderly, physically or mentally disabled

Do you have to rely on taxies or other public service providers to take relatives to and from the door step of a memorial service?

M&S Medical Transportation would like to offer you a Class A non-medical transportation service to meet your needs Our Sense of purpose is driven by our commitment to provide dependable, safe and compassionate non-emergency transportation for the elderly and disabled in the Houston metropolitan areas. Our Goal is to provide wheelchair accessible vehicles, whether to be part of the cortege or as a separate vehicle to make a huge difference for your traveling needs. My belief is, there is no need for a wheelchair user to struggle in and out of their chair. They can access the funeral via a ramp or lift and stay comfortable seated in their own wheelchair. We provide a chauffeur driven vehicle to be part of the journey as an escort. There will be a pick up service from your front door to the church and cemetery. The return request will be your desired drop off.

Emergency Care
Doctor's Appointments
Non-emergency Hospital Visits
Hospital Discharge
Physical Therapy and Stroke Rehabilitation